Updates That I Have Planned


Recently I started doing OSINT again but faced the issue of there not being enough geolocation and image analysis challenges, let alone tracking (fabricated) personalities down.
So, I plan on creating a section on this website dedicated for images that I took around Istanbul, and potentially other countries with varying difficulty levels. These will include buildings, streets, objects, anything that comes into my mind. Of course, recommendations are welcome.


It really is quite a fun hobby .. if you can do it. So perhaps I will also be posting my own recipes for very simple things one day.


Lots of short things to say that don't warrant their own blog post. Maybe Mastodon, maybe just a page on this site for "twitter post like" posts, maybe twtxt, who knows.


The name on this site should be enough to tell why I want it.. Wasn't too smart when picking it
It is done.


I thought why not run some services as well. I can't do it while this page is hosted on Codeberg, but I can do it when I get a VPS and everything. Currently, I am thinking of SSH tunneling. You can request some things and I could run them I think.
Done. You can still request services and I will see what I can do.

May update this page before I actually start implementing these changes.